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News from Essences, Milk, She & Him & The Boobies Show B-day!!

News from Essences, Milk, She & Him & The Boobies Show B-day!!

Hello!! I know, I been out for couple days, but rl got intense this week.. but my sissy always keep you guys updated with her awesome posts 😀 .

Anyways… there is so many new releases.. events and Im super exited about it!!..

well let me cut the blah blah blah.. so click bellow for credits *-*

TP to Essences

TP to Milk

TP to She & Him

TP to The Bobbies Show B-day

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With my mommy

With my mommy

Yayy a post with a very special person.. my mommy Alondra, my friend, someone very special for me SL & RL. I know her since my 1st week in sl back in 2008, but wasn’t till 2010 that we become very close, she adopted me along with 2 other girls and she made us triplets…  Time past, and i dont feel part of those “triplets” anymore :s , she also adopted Gilli as her daughter a while ago, even we dont have a sl story as twins, we made our lmao, any who.. back to Alondra :D,   our friendship got stronger, I know I can trust her with eyes close. She is genuine, spontaneous, loyal, with a bad temper, but you know, kinda normal lmao. I’m happy today blogging with her 🙂

You can visit her blog here

TP to Silicone

TP to The Arcade

TP to The Dressing Room Fusion for {essences}

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