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//elephante poses//

News from The Azz Show & Essences

News from The Azz Show & Essences

Let me be brief:

:Q___ checkout the new release from {essences} @ The Dressing Room Fusion.. love the new skin!! and  the release from Cynful for The Azz Show, LOVE IT!!! with app for azz and lolas,  various ways to wear it.. well what else to say? 😀 awesome round of The Azz Show, seriously, If you haven’t checkout the event.. then ur late!!! lol TP there Now! I promise, you will find awesome designs for ur azz *-* pinkie promise 🙂

TP to The Azz Show

TP to Winter Trend for //elephante poses//

TP to The Dressing Room Fusion for {essences}

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